Emerging Entrepreneurs launched in mid 2015 after parents expressed a desire for an Entrepreneurship Program to be developed for their kids. Concerned that in a world of hyper change, that their kids weren’t going to effectively learn the skills that they would need from school to be able to successfully thrive in the modern world.

As part of an initial trial we had 9 students from 5 schools + a homeschool student who participated in an extracurricular 10 session version of the program which was delivered face to face at theSPACE.

Emerging Entrepreneurs Today

Emerging Entrepreneurs has since evolved into a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) - https://explore.emergingentrepreneurs.com.au which teachers are trained and empowered to deliver.

Educational Material

The course is a ten part course teaching the student key concepts about Entrepreneurship. It involves interactive questions, collabrative questions with others in the class & a quiz at the end of each part.

Tools to Guide Students

The site has a framwork to help students design their MVP, record their progress & help them to decide whether to pivot or perserve with their idea.

Teacher Tools

The site has a teacher admin section, allowing teachers oversee their student's progress, allowing you to guide in class material specific to student's responses.


An overview of the program can be found via the content and documents below:

Please note that we’ve set our system up in sessions. Each session typically represents one day, but there is flexibility within the program to move quicker or slower… We can move the modules around and add in additional content with relative ease. You will note that the outline of the 10 sessions below is light on pitching, we can add pitching into the program with ease.

Course Modules:

+ Lesson One: A brief introduction to your potential future.

What is an entrepreneur? Do you want to be one? Why would you want to be one? In this lesson we discuss why your future could have much more potential than you ever imagined.

+ Lesson Two: Visions, goals & potential.

You can achieve far more than you think. In this lesson we discuss how to reach full potential and ensure that you're always working in alignment with your vision.

+ Lesson Three: Your incredible business in the 21st century.

How you can build a world-wide business from your bedroom, with no money, experience or genius idea.

+ Lesson Four: How to identify potential business opportunities with no risk.

Pain or complaints are opportunities! In this lesson, we help you discover great potential business ideas.

+ Lesson Five: Customers & Experiments.

Who is your customer and what are their problems? Is your solution to their problem something they want? You need to know to know the answers to these questions in order to build a successful business!

+ Lesson Six: Minimum Viable Products.

What's a MVP? How can you create a MVP very quickly in order to test your idea? In this lesson, we discuss the many different types of MVP and you can use them to validate your business potential.

+ Lesson Seven: Power Teams, partnerships & building a brand.

You need a team to succeed, a network to work and a vision to thrive. What's your plan?

+ Lesson Eight: Do the numbers stack up?

Let's be honest, accounting can be a little... like doing accounting. But it's very important! After all, this is how you determine how much money you're making (or not).

+ Lesson Nine: Entrepreneurial hurdles

It's not all honey and wine in entrepreneur land, oh no! You'll find many stumbling blocks on your journey and in this lesson, we're going to discuss many of the common issues you'll face and how to overcome them.

+ Lesson Ten: Core Principles

We've gone over a lot of content thus far, let's distill it to the core principles that will guide you forward on your entrepreneurial journey.


Power Shot App

PowerShot App was a youth based startup born from Emerging Entrepreneurs. Hamish Bairstow first pitched the idea for a soccer app that could measure the speed of a hit, kick or throw as part of the inaugural Emerging Entrepreneurs program and then again at a Startup Weekend, where he built a team and later went on to win a Queensland and Australian iAward.

See more at their Facebook page

Awards we've revieved

We recieved The Westpac 200, Businesses of Tomorrow 2017 award

Regional Achievement and Community Award - 2016 Certificate of Achievement, Finalist

Nominated for University of Southern QLD Educational Innovation Award

The schools we've worked with

Caboolture State High

Hinchinbrook Shire

Corinda State High

Jubilee Christian College

Redlynch State College

Smithfield High School

St Mary’s Catholic College

Trinity Anglican College

Trinity Bay High School

Woree High School

Keep in touch with us

If you'd like more information about the programme or would like a demo account to see more, please send us a message & we'll get in contact.

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QLD, Australia 4870


(07) 4015 2517


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